Two Hours of Chaos – No Boring Things 2/5/2022

I got my second hour back! It was a total mess, at least in the second hour. The first hour was all good. Then I tried being adventurous, and that’s where it all went wrong. I took out a CD that said something like “best blues rock artist 2018,” but it turned out a different CD had been put in the case. Then I didn’t even know what genre I had just pulled off the shelf, because when I went to look for the color-code guide, I was greeted by this instead:

Laura found the guide the following day and WCBN was saved (the genre was electronic, by the way).

This week’s playlist – minus the accidental electronic song because it’s not on Spotify. Maybe that’s for the better.

WCBN Sports will be carrying the hockey game on air next week, so I will only be around for an hour. You can also tune in on Wednesday at 7 for Send In the Clowns. I don’t know what we’ll be doing, but I’ll be there. My next show takes place during the WCBN fundraiser! Make a donation and pick up some sweet merch at the donation page.

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