In the Studio! – No Boring Things 1/22/2022

Woohoo! Mission accomplished for No Boring Things. A wildly successful first show in the studio in my personal opinion. I spent the first hour jamming out, and the second hour listening to some stuff I hadn’t heard before and doing a bit of chatting. Thanks to everyone who called in, hope to see you next week!

This week’s playlist, minus a couple of apparently obscure tracks.

I couldn’t find a couple of the songs I played on Spotify. That’s why you should stay tuned to WCBN Radio Free Ann Arbor, you truly won’t hear it anywhere else! Here they are:

Virginia by The Sights

I couldn’t find anything about Eat, Eat, Eat anywhere, so I guess I’ll have to go back and check that I got the band and song name right. For the full list of songs, including those not on Spotify, check out the playlist on the WCBN website.

I also mentioned a YouTube video about the editing of Strawberry Fields Forever. Here it is:

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