Dump Songs! – No Boring Things 12/7/2021

They’re not songs that belong in the dump, they’re songs you listen to on your way to the dump. When I was little, my dad had a CD in his truck that he would put on when we took our garbage to the dump. For most of the show, I played my best memory of what was on that CD. The real thing has unfortunately been lost to the wheels of time, but I did my best. For the rest of the show, I went off the vibe of what was on that CD.

The playlist from this week’s show

My dad once said he knew I was growing up when having me help take trash to the dump sped up the process instead of slowing it down. Now I’m so grown up that I take my own trash out on occasion! How time flies…

On another note, I also got some equipment to connect my record player to my computer, so I can stream audio from records for these live remote shows. I gave it a whirl for this show, and it worked!

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